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Welcome to the Transport Torque website where we highlight all the latest in the world of construction machinery, trucking, logistics, cranes and access equipment globally.

Our website editor, Pierre Sanson, with some 40 years experience in sales and marketing of heavy equipment and trucking in some of the most remote corners of the globe, can provide a realistic appraisal of products featured in the website using his vast technical knowledge and journalistic prowess.


Demographic areas: All provinces of South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Angola and Tanzania.

Market segmentation: Mining, transport, road building, earthmoving, heavy lifting, construction, hi-lift access, power generation, environmental solutions and railways and harbours.

Niche markets: Equipment maintenance, training, products contributing to life-cycle cost reductions and safety. Understanding key issues in the market segments and communicating with participants in that market so as to be regarded as a member in that market and not as an outsider. By aiming at niche markets, TRANSPORT TORQUE defines product features that satisfy specific market needs, keeping it ahead of competitive websites.


The profile of TRANSPORT TORQUE is well entrenched in the above market segmentation and covers, editorially the latest developments, latest trends, engineering innovations in new equipment designs and performance and new launches. From a readership point of view it is the source of information and reference for organisations wishing to purchase equipment. From the coverage, it offers brand recognition to mainstream providers within demographically defined lines.

The readership profile can be regarded as senior executives, engineers, purchasing agents, financial managers, transport fleet managers, mining consultants, and service and maintenance managers.

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